Our Story

Our Story

Authentic and Delicious food is a family tradition. And, the boy from Jaurez, Mexico, who learned to cook on his grandmother’s knee, honors that tradition at his restaurant, Pepito’s. 

First located near the outskirts of town on 23rd, Canyon’s Pepito’s struggled to gain a following. It was 1992, when they moved to their present location at 408 23rd, that business undoubtedly took off. True success comes from determination, authentic food, and most importantly family tradition. 

Since 1988

Jose Luis and Esmeralda Delao, alongside with the rest of Delao family, own and operate Canyons historic and credible Pepitos Mexican restaurant, a family-oriented, traditional roots and authentic cuisine.

A vibrant and savory style of cooking exemplifies the flavors you will inherit when enjoying a night out at the heart of Canyons Mexican establishment.